087 — Implementation of the new navigation bar


On September 27th 2018, a new navigation bar was implemented in Ubity’s online management portal, Studio, to facilitate access to its different reports and tools.

To help you find your favorites quickly, here are the menus of the old navigation bar, their links and their new location.

Nouveau menu de navigation

1 Tools menu

Find the items from the prior Tools menu:

You are looking for… Go to …

DIDs behavior DIDs behavior

My Account > Numbers behavior

Call processing Call processing

My Account > Call processing

Looking glass Looking glass

My Account > Phone status

Directory Directory

Tools > Directory

Fax Fax

Tools > Fax

Audio Conferences Audio Conferences

Tools > Audio conferences

Queues Queues

Tools > Contact Center > Queues

Reports Reports

Reports > Call list

Statistics per extension Statistics per extension

Reports > Statistics per extension

Linepeaks graphs Linepeaks graphs

Reports > Linepeaks graphs

2 Management menu

Find the items from the prior Management menu:

You are looking for… Go to …

Users Users

My Account > Users

Phones Phones

My Account > Manage phones

Music on hold Music on hold

Tools > Personal music

Stingray Music Stingray Music ($)

Store (V2) > Add services > Stingray music

Call groups Call groups

Tools > Call groups

Extensions Extensions

My Account > Manage extensions

Voicemail boxes Voicemail boxes

Tools > Voicemail boxes

Account contacts Account contacts

My Account > Account settings > Account contacts

911 Addresses 911 Addresses

My Account > Account settings > 911 addresses

Services and billing Services and billing

My Account > Services & billings > Invoice history

Blacklist Blacklist

My Account > Account settings > Call restrictions

3 Settings menu

Find the items from the prior Settings menu:

You are looking for… Go to …

Browser extension Browser extension

Tools > Browser extensions

Integrations Integrations

Tools > Integrations

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