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In order to help you prepare and facilitate your phone number portability to Ubity, the following pages presents detailed information and documents about the process.

The portability process follows 4 general steps:

  • Inventory your numbers and essential phone number information.
  • Prepare required documents (Letters of Authorization and Invoices).
  • Transmit information and request to Ubity ([email protected]).
  • Request processing by Ubity (in collaboration with our partners).

Information document

  Detailed description of the portability process and related information can be found here.

Warning:Please read the document carefully before forwarding us your portability request.

North American phone numbers portability (Canada and United States)

Once inventory of your phone number completed, you will have to prepare letters of authorization (LOA) to confirm your authorize Ubity to port your phone numbers.  They must be properly filled and signed in order for Ubity to process you request.

Ubity LOA forms to download:


  • If the numbers are not registered under the same name, address, account number or provider you need to complete one LOA per number.
  • Please contact your current provider to have the service address (also called 911 Address) of your number(s). It is sometimes different from the invoice address and it is needed for the transfer request if different.
  • All documents must be received at least 30 days before the portability.

You must send us the forms with your latest telephone service invoices.  Please refer to the Ubity – LNP Info document for more details.

International phone numbers (outside Canada or United States)

Porting process of international phone numbers can vary depending on the country of the phone number.  A request including phone number, country and current provider of the phone number should be sent to [email protected]for analysis. Processing time, required documents and cost can vary depending on the country.

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