086 — Number Portability


In order to facilitate number portability, Ubity provides you with the documents required for the portability request as well as the procedure to follow in order to transfer your number(s).

You can find in the attached documents the LOA Appendix, the Letter of authorization for local number portability and the Letter of authorization for toll-free number portability produced by Ubity, which you can view and download.

LOA Appendix

The LOA Appendix contains the important points to check and the main risks of the transfer of numbers. This document must be signed.

Letter of Authorization for number portability (LOA)

This letter gives us the right to request the transfer of your numbers to our company. It must be completed and signed.

Local Numbers

The North American local numbers must be in the document LOA local number.

Toll-free Numbers

The North American toll free numbers must be in the document LOA toll-free number.

International Numbers

To port international numbers, please send us an email at lnp@ubity.com with the number, the country and the current provider.


  • If the numbers are not registered under the same name, address, account number or provider you need to complete one LOA per number.
  • Please contact your current provider to have the service address (also called 911 Address) of your number(s). It is sometimes different from the invoice address and it is needed for the transfer request if different.
  • All documents must be received at least 30 days before the portability.

You must send us the form(s) with your latest invoice(s) on which appears the full name and address of the owner of the number(s), the provider name and the number(s) concerned.

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