025 — Voicemail User Guide


Administrator’s guide to using the voicemail associated with your phone system from Studio, Ubity’s online management portal.

1 Voicemail configuration

In order to configure your voicemail dial 8500 from your Ubity phone, identify yourself with your extension number (if required) and your password. The default password is 1234. You will access the mailbox options menu by pressing 0.

From this menu you can configure several things:

Unavailable message

This is the default message that will be heard by the calling party before having to leave a message.

Find-Me/Follow-Me message

This is the default message that will be heard by the calling party if you have the Find-Me/Follow-Me set up for your extension. Please see the details of this feature below.

Your name

This is what will be used if you didn’t record your busy or unavailable message. Also this will be used by the directory instead of spelling your name, which is nicer.

Temporary message

This message can be enabled as you wish. It can be used, for example, when you go on vacation. When enable, it will play instead of your unavailable message.

Change your password

It is strongly advised that you change your password since the default is 1234 for every extension.

Video Tutorial: Voicemail

2 Listen to your voice messages

If you are not available or busy, people can leave a message.

There are 3 ways to listen to those messages:

From your computer

You will receive an e-mail from voicemail@ubity.com containing a *.wav file that you can listen to with any sound software. This file is in the message you have received.

From your Ubity phone

Dial 8500 from your Ubity phone and follow the instructions. If you want to access a different voicemail than yours or the general voicemail from your phone, dial 9500. You will then be asked for the mailbox number (999 for general voicemail).

From anywhere

Dial your Ubity public phone number, during the greeting dial 8500 and follow the instructions.

3 Find-Me / Follow-Me (transfer to your cell phone)

If you have activated the Find-Me/Follow-Me option, you can customize your mailbox greeting message by recording your Find-Me/Follow-Me message as mentioned earlier, it will be played each time someone goes to your voicemail. In this message you can ask the caller to press 1 to try to reach you on your cell phone or to wait to leave a message.

If you do not accept the call or if your cell phone is not available, the calls will be sent back to your Ubity voicemail and the callers will hear your Unavailable message. Therefore please make sure to record this message as well.

Video Tutorial: Find me/Follow me

4 Call Park

To park an incoming call and make it accessible to all:
  • Press Transfer.
  • Dial 700 (virtual extension).
  • The system will confirm you «virtual line» on which the call has been parked (it is
    between 701 et 709).
  • Validate the parking by pressing one more time on Transfer.
  • Your line is now transferred, you can hang up.

To take a call that has been parked on a virtual line (from 701 to 709) from any Ubity phone, dial the virtual extension given to the call; you will be connected directly to the caller.

5 To transfer a call directly to a voicemail

  • Press Transfer.
  • Dial ** and the extension of the person (for example, for the extension 101 dial **101).
  • Validate by pressing one more time on Transfer.
  • Your line is now transferred, you can hang up.

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