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Ubity Newsletter - February
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Useful Tip
New equipement
Did you know...
Useful Tip
Did you know that our clients were responsible
for managing their account contacts?
Account Contacts
To ensure that everyone concerned receives important notices about your telephony, make sure your account contacts are up to date in our online management portal, Studio!
You can edit, delete or add important account contacts:
You must categorize them according to their department:
Take advantage of this opportunity to check that
your prefered language for communication is the right one!
Finally, when your update is complete,
don't forget to save your changes.
Update Account Contacts now!
New equipement
Wireless Conference Phone
The CP930W is entirely wire-free, no network cables or nearby power outlets required, making it a breeze to launch a conference anywhere, anytime!
Photo du produit
Spécial prévente
Take advantage of our exclusive pre-sale to optimize your conference room
with the latest Yealink conference phone!
For a limited time, you can get the new conference phone for $799 $719!
Hurry! Pre-sale promotion ends in
21 days!
Get mine!
Spec Sheet
Did you know...
Did you know that the majority of objections to hosted IP telephony are actually misconceptions?
This is why Ubity has decided to demystify 5 common VoIP myths for you!
“Cloud is just a trend"
This couldn’t further from the truth. While the technology has been around and constantly advancing, Ubity has been exclusively dedicated to hosted IP business telephony since 2007. The desire to achieve unified communication on multiple devices, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience motivates more and more enterprises to move to the cloud every day.
Hosted IP Telephony
Calls over the Internet are poor quality"
Quality suspicions arise from inadequate telecom environment. The truth is that, by prioritizing voice over data traffic on your network, actively managing your bandwidth and assuring reasonable capacity on your broadband connection, there is no reason why the quality of VoIP calls can’t be just as good as, and even superior to, that of traditional telephony.
"There is no point in changing a phone system that works just fine"
Actually, deploying hosted IP telephony with Ubity comes with many advantages that you may not be realizing today. These include operational and fixed cost savings, greater flexibility for expansion, ease of telecommuting, higher efficiency and much more.
VoIP is only for techies"
It is quite the contrary! Ubity telephony provides a full range of communication services without the complexity of a traditional phone system. Ubity takes care of preparing your system and supports you in its deployment so that you can simply enjoy it and manage it via our intuitive online portal, Studio. The VoIP technology actually delivers tremendous benefits to end users and carriers alike!
"Cloud is only for small enterprises"
The absence of expensive upfront equipment costs and the per-user, monthly pricing model is particularly attractive to SMEs, whose small size can make it easier to adopt new technologies. However, the benefits of Ubity telephony are the same for organizations of all sizes, and the Ubity contact center solution is known to be an asset to larger teams.
Contact Center
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