024 — Guide for adding a softphone


Administrator’s guide to adding a softphone to your phone system from Studio, Ubity’s online management portal.

1 Log into the Ubity web interface

Interface Address: studio.ubity.com

Username: your e-mail address

To obtain a password, you must request one on the interface (click on Recover your password) because Ubity does not have access to them for security reasons.

2 Add a softphone

You will found different softphones that can be used on computers or cellphones. Ubity can provide your extension SIP credentials to connect the softphone you have chosen.

Go to the Management tab, click on Extensions. Select the extension you want to use it with, then click on Add a softphone.

Adding a softphone

A window will open.

You will have the possibility to name the softphone using the Title field.

Then click on Save (don’t use the SIP credentials at this time).

After this step, click on the Edit button.

Editing softphone settings

The window with your SIP credentials will appear. You can now enter the information in the settings:

  • Username
  • Server (also called Domain)
  • Password

For your information, Ubity offers a softphone that can be used on computers called Ubity UC desktop. If you want more information about it, please contact our Customer service.

Attention: If you want to use more than one softphone, you will have to create as many SIP accounts as softphones. You can not use the same SIP credentials for all your softphones.

Note: If you have some questions about your softphone or if you have trouble with it, please contact the developper of your app. We can not offer support for products we haven’t developed.

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