018 — Guide for managing your voicemail boxes

Administrator’s guide to managing the voicemail boxes of your phone system from Studio, Ubity’s online management portal.

1 Log into the Ubity web interface

Interface Address: studio.ubity.com

Username: your e-mail address

To obtain a password, you must request one on the interface (click on Recover your password) because Ubity does not have access to them for security reasons.

2 Add voicemail box

Create voicemail box

Go to the Tools tab, click on Voicemail boxes and Add voicemail box…

Add voicemail boxes
The following form appears:

Voicemail boxes setup
Enter the extension number related to the box.

Extension related to voicemail boxes
Enter the name of the box (name of the person who is attached to the mailbox or general mailbox or conference room…)

Name voicemail boxes

Set the options for the voicemail box

Enter the email address to which you want voice messages to be sent.

Email associated with voicemail boxes

Enter the password to access the mailbox.

Voicemail boxes password

Check the box below if you do not want to store voice messages on our server. These will only be sent by email to the address indicated above, it will no longer be possible to access them by phone.

Delete voicemail boxes recordings

Set the maximum length per message.

Voicemail boxes maximum length

The maximum number of stored messages is locked by default to 100.

Voicemail boxes maximum messages stored

Do not forget to save in order to finalize the process.

Save voicemail boxes settings

3 Change voicemail box options

Go to the Tools tab and click on Voicemail boxes. Then click on the Edit options button that is next to the name of the mailbox you want to change.

Edit voicemail boxes options
The following form appears. To complete it, follow the instructions in Section «Set options for the voicemail box».

Set options for the voicemail boxes

Edit voicemail options

To change the options in the form, you can follow the instructions in the paragraph «Set the options for the voicemail box» in point 3 above.

Empty a voicemail

If you have chosen the option of storing voice messages on the server, it is possible to listen to the messages by phone. The storage limit is 100 messages per voicemail box. When this limit is reached, correspondents can no longer leave messages.

The following line represents the number of messages in the voicemail.

Nombre de messages dans les boîtes vocales

Vider les boîtes vocales The trash can icon allows you to empty the voicemail box.

The system asks you to confirm that you want to delete all messages. It also gives you the option to delete personalized voicemail messages (unavailability message, temporary message, etc.) by checking the box next to the question Do you want to also delete your personalized greeting message?

Messages personnalisés des boîtes vocales

Valider la suprression des messages des boîtes vocales You must then validate your answer by clicking on Yes.

4 Delete a voicemail box

Go to the Management tab and click on Voicemail boxes. Then click on the Edit options button that is next to the name of the mailbox you want to delete. A form appears. Simply click on the Delete button.

Delete voicemail boxes