065 — Guide for making phone calls on iPhone

1 Interaction between Ubity UC Mobile and native phone

Placing Calls

  • You can place a Ubity UC Mobile call so long as you’re not already on a native call or not already on two Ubity UC Mobile calls.
  • You can place a native call regardless of the state of Ubity UC Mobile.

Incoming Calls

  • An incoming Ubity UC Mobile call rings on your phone unless you’re on a native call or you’re already on two Ubity UC Mobile calls. In both these cases, the new incoming call will go to Ubity UC Mobile voicemail instead.
  • Incoming native calls : Being on a Ubity UC Mobile call has no impact on your native phone : native calls will be received in the usual way. Therefore, you should be prepared to accept or decline a native call.

Established Calls

  • If you already have an existing Ubity UC Mobile call and you receive an incoming native call, you won’t be able to hear the other party on the existing Ubity UC Mobile call until you answer or decline the incoming native call.
  • If you accept an incoming native call, any live Ubity UC Mobile call goes on hold. You won’t be able to take the Ubity UC Mobile call off hold until you end the native call.
  • You can have up to two Ubity UC Mobile calls established at the same time and switch between them.

2 Making phone calls

Make a call

Use the Dialpad

From the iPhone Contact List

A prompt appears for you to confirm the call. Or the call starts immediately.

Network Quality Indicator

The Network Quality Indicator on the call panel displays the current network conditions.

Icon Indicator
Indicateur1 Good
Indicateur2 Fair
Indicateur3 Poor
Indicateur4 Unknown
Wi-Fi Networks

If the Network Quality Indicator shows “Poor” status, this indicates there is network congestion or a poor quality Wi-Fi signal. Try moving closer to your Wi-Fi access point.

Mobile Networks

If the Network Quality Indicator shows “Poor,” this indicates that you may be:

  • between cellular towers
  • experiencing adverse weather conditions
  • nearing the maximum range of the closest tower.

If possible, move closer to the tower.

Place a second Ubity UC Mobile call

Use the Dialpad

From the iPhone Contact List

Handle two established calls

3 Handling phone calls

Handling incoming calls

When Ubity UC Mobile is in the Foreground

When the Device is Locked

Answer an incoming call even when the device is locked by swiping right or swiping left.

When Ubity UC Mobile is in the Background

You’ll receive a notification for an incoming call. Set the Alert style to Alert or Banner by tapping the Home button > Settings > Notifications > Ubity UC Mobile.

Handle one established call

Handle two established calls

Handle a Ubity UC Mobile Call and a Native Call

4 Record a call and call recording tone

A call recording tone or beep is presented when recording of a call is started and sent to the other party.

  • Muting a call doesn’t silence the beep.
  • If a call is put on hold (either by yourself or the other party), recording is paused. The beep can be heard when recording resumes.
  • When you transfer a call, recording stops when redirecting to the other party. When recording restarts, the beep can be heard by the other party.

Listen to the recording on the History screen.

You can also manage the recording in iTunes® on a desktop computer. Select your device in iTunes, click the Apps tab at the top of the screen, scroll down to file sharing, then click the Ubiy UC Mobile icon in the Apps panel. The recordings appear in the Ubity UC Mobile Documents panel.

5 Transfer a call

Unattendeed (blind) transfer

Transfer the current Ubity UC Mobile call to a second person without first talking to that second person.

Use the Dialpad

By Selecting a Contact

Attended transfer

You can speak to the second person first, then transfer the first caller to them. Establish two calls.

6 Conference call

When you have two Ubity UC Mobile calls established, you can merge the calls into a three-way conference call.

7 Handle video calls

Place a Video Call

Add Video During an Audio Call

When you place a call using the dialpad, Ubity UC Mobile makes an audio call. Add video to the audio call.

Receive a Video Call

When the other party places a video call, you’ll see their video on Ubity UC Mobile after you answer the call.

  • You can start sending your video, if desired, by tapping the Send icon.
  • If you don’t want to receive the other party’s video during a call, swipe right on the screen, and tap More > Remove Video. The call will be switched to an audio call.

During a Video Call

During a video call, you can:

  • Transfer a video call. The transferred call will be placed as an audio call, and then both parties can add video to the audio call.
  • Establish two video calls and merge them into an audio conference call (no video conference call supported yet).
  • Record only audio of video calls.
  • Mute a video call.

8 Call history

Tap the History icon at the bottom of the screen.

Icon Indicator
IconeTelephone1 Missed calls
IconeTelephone2 Incoming calls
IconeTelephone3 Outgoing calls


Clear the History

Create a Contact from History

You can create a contact from a history item.

9 Access voicemail

Incoming calls go to voicemail if:

  • Ubity UC Mobile isn’t running
  • You already have two calls established..