084 — Guide for activating Zoho CRM integration


Administrator’s guide to activating Zoho CRM integration with Ubity from Studio, its online management portal.

1 Log into the Ubity web interface

Interface Address: studio.ubity.com

Username: your e-mail address

If you have never signed in to the interface or if you have forgotten your password please request one on the interface main page (by clicking on Recover Your Password) as we do not keep these on file for security reasons.

2 Activating the integration of Zoho CRM with Ubity for your account

You must access the Tools tab and click on Integrations, then Third party integrations, and finally select Zoho Phone Bridge.

Zoho CRM integration in the Settings tab

Zoho Phone Bridge

Note: Please contact the administrator of your company’s account if you do not have access to the Integrations option.

To activate the integration between  Zoho Phone Bridge and Ubity, you will need to request a integration token. To do so click on Request integration then Accept Ubity to access the data of your Zoho Account.

Request Zoho CRM integration

Accept Zoho CRM integration

3 Binding the Zoho user and the Ubity extension

To have the proper calls linked to correct Zoho User, you need to link the extension to a user. To do so, please select an extension then the matching Zoho user and confirm on clicking on Bind.

Binding extension with Zoho CRM integration


A same user may have multiple extension bind to his user.

4 Unbinding the Zoho user and the Ubity extension

If a user no longer needs to be bind to its extension, simply click on Unbind at the end of the line corresponding of the desired line.

Unbinding extension from Zoho CRM integration

5 Revoke the integration of Zoho CRM with Ubity for your account

If the whole company no longer needs the integration with Zoho, you can simply click on Revoke integration.

Revoking Zoho CRM integration

Warning: Cancelling the integration is instantaneous and cannot be undone. If you click on this by mistake you will have to reactivate the integration then bind all the users and their extensions.

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