067 — Guide on settings for iPhone

1 Preferences

Allow VoIP Calls

Appears only on iPhone. “Use When Available” must be ON to use this setting.

  • ON: When a Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, Ubity UC Mobile attempts to place calls using the mobile data channel. Data charges with your mobile carrier apply.
  • OFF: When a Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, you won’t be able to place or receive calls.
Field Description
Mobile Data Network

Use When Available

Appears only on iPhone.

  • ON: When a Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, Ubity UC Mobile attempts to connect to SIP/XMPP services using the mobile data network. Data charges with your mobile carrier may apply. You’ll receive messages and voice mail notifications when Ubity UC Mobile is in the mobile data network. Choose to allow/disallow VoIP calls using a separate setting “Allow VoIP Calls”.
  • OFF: When a Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, SIP and XMPP services are unregistered; you won’t receive any messages or notifications. If “Allow VoIP Calls” is OFF; you won’t be able to place or receive calls.

Run In Background

  • ON: If you’re using UDP for transport. Receive calls when Ubity UC Mobile is running in background. Turning this setting ON decreases your battery life.
  • OFF: If you’re using TCP or TLS for transport. If OFF, you won’t be able to receive calls if you’re using UDP.
Incoming Call

Play Ringtone

ON: Hear the ringtone.


ON: Vibrates when you receive a call.

Alert Answer

Controls the behavior of the incoming VoIP call prompt (when Ubity UC Mobile’s in the background):

  • ON: Answer the incoming call immediately.
  • OFF: View the incoming call screen; answer or decline the call.

Alert Missed

Controls the behavior of the missed call prompt (when you receive a call when Ubity UC Mobile’s in the background):

  • ON: A Missed Call alert appears on the native iPhone screen.
  • OFF: No alert appears.

Allow Answer on Lockscreen

Answer an incoming call even when the screen is locked.

  • ON: Enable Allow Answer on Lockscreen.
  • OFF: (default) Disable Allow Answer on Lockscreen.


The ringtone for incoming calls.
Outgoing Call

Default Account for History

Changes Ubity UC Mobile’s dialing behavior on call history when multiple SIP accounts are configured in Ubity UC Mobile.

  • ON: Ubity UC Mobile dials using the default/primary account. A useful option when you wish to use only one account for all outgoing calls.
  • OFF (default) : Ubity UC Mobile dials using the account that received the call.
Call In Progress

Background Image

The background image that appears when you’re on a call. Swipe the image to delete.

Contact Image

  • Whether to display a photo of your contact during a call with this person. When saving an image on the Contact tab, make sure your contact images are smaller in size so they display faster.
  • Don’t show: No image of your contact will appear during a call.
  • Full Screen: Displays a photo of your contact in full screen when you’re on a call with this person.
  • Small Avatar: Displays a small photo of your contact next to their name during a call.

Mobile Call Interrupt

When you receive a mobile call while already in a VoIP call, the incoming mobile call puts the VoIP call on hold. You won’t be able to speak to the person in the VoIP call until you answer or decline the incoming call. Ubity UC Mobile can play feedback to the person who is put on hold without any notice.

  • Silence: Ubity UC Mobile plays nothing.
  • Tones: Ubity UC Mobile plays beeps every 5 seconds to the person on hold.
  • Announcement: Ubity UC Mobile plays an audio message to the person on hold in English, “Your call has been interrupted by an incoming mobile call. Please wait for the other party to return”.
Phone Number

Single Touch to Call

  • ON: When making a call from Contacts or History, the call is placed when you tap a phone number. If SMS and/or video is enabled, you’ll see a prompt to choose an option.
  • OFF: When you tap the phone number, a prompt appears. Tap the prompt to place the call.
Client-Side Call Forwarding

Forward Calls

ON: Send all incoming calls to a specific number. If Ubity UC Mobile is enabled, registered and Run In Background (above) is ON, incoming calls are forwarded to this phone number.

To Number

The number to forward calls to when Forward Calls is ON.

Enable IM & Presence

Messaging section appears once you’ve purchased “Presence and Messaging” feature.

  • ON: Allow Ubity UC Mobile to be used for sending instant messages and sharing online status with your buddies. To use this service, enable the feature on the Account screen.
  • OFF: All the SIP and XMPP accounts on Ubity UC Mobile won’t be used for presence and messaging.

Alert Sound

ON: Play a ringtone when you receive a new message.

Alert Vibration

ON to vibrate when you receive a new message.

Private When Locked

  • ON: Hide the actual content of an incoming message on the Lock screen and the notification center.
  • OFF: Default

Alert Text Tone/h4>

The ringtone for incoming messages.
Video Calls

Enable Video

  • ON: Make video calls on Ubity UC Mobile. Appears only after the “Video Calls” feature is purchased.

Send Landscape

  • ON: Your video is sent in the landscape orientation. This is a compatibility mode for older devices that can’t render video in the portrait orientation. Use as an exception.
  • OFF: Default/li>

Video Quality

  • Automatic: (Recommended): Ubity UC Mobile selects the best quality to use in a given situation.
  • Lower (QCIF): Uses 176 horizontal pixels and 144 vertical lines. Quarter Common
  • Intermediate Format transfers one fourth the amount of data and consumes less memory than CIF (Common Intermediate Format).
  • Higher (CIF): Uses 352 horizontal pixels and 288 vertical lines.
  • High (VGA)*
  • HD (720p VP8 only)*

*VGA and HD video aren’t supported on iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and iPad Mini 1G.

2 Advanced settings

Note: If you make changes to the fields identified by a triangle, you must tap the Apply Changes button at the bottom of the screen or restart Ubity UC Mobile.

Quality Of Service (QoS)

  • ON: If desired, ask your VoIP service provider if QoS is supported. QoS can allow your phone calls to be given a higher priority on the network.
  • OFF: Default
Field Description
VPN Support

Noise Reduction

  • ON: Ubity UC Mobile attempts to reduce background noise on audio you’re transmitting/receiving.
  • OFF: Default.
Account Registration Issues

Alert In Background

  • ON: Ubity UC Mobile sends notifications when an account fails to register. Ubity UC Mobile also notifies the user after the account is successfully re-registered. Make sure that Ubity UC Mobile notifications are enabled under iOS Settings > Notifications.
  • OFF (default): Ubity UC Mobile doesn’t send notifications regarding account registration errors.
Application Logging

Verbose Logging

OFF: Unless Technical Support instructs you to turn it ON to troubleshoot a problem you’re having on your device.

Send Log

Tap to upload the current log to Technical Support..

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