066 — Guide on presence and instant messaging on iPhone

With Presence and Instant Messaging, you can share your online status (presence) and exchange instant messages with contacts who are also using Ubity UC Mobile or Desktop.

1 Send/Reply to an instant message

You can send an instant message to a contact.

By Selecting a Contact

Reply to an IM

You can reply to the IM without unlocking the phone.

2 Work with message history

From the Message History, you can:

  • Call the person by tapping More > Call
  • Re-send the message
  • Copy, delete, or forward the message

If there’s an error in sending a message, a red icon appears beside the message. Tap the red icon to resend the message.

3 Receive an instant message

An alert comes up when you receive an IM.

4 Start group chat

Invite up to 10 buddies for a maximum of 11 people in a group chat.

Once a group chat is held with participants, you can’t add more buddies or remove some of the participants.

Join a Group Chat

When you’re invited to a group chat, the invitation message comes in as a regular message. You’re automatically placed into the group chat once you receive the message.

Leave a Group Chat

Deleting a group chat on the IM/Messages tab lets you leave the chat. You won’t be able to come back to the chat or view the chat history.

5 Set your own status

When you start Ubity UC Mobile, your online status is “Available.”

When you make or receive a phone call, Ubity UC Mobile updates your status to “On The Phone” (if your online status is “Available” and no custom status note is specified).

You can change your status from “Available” to “Busy” or “Away”. When you change your status from “Available” or specify a custom status note, your status remain as specified until you update it yourself.


Status Means that…
AvailableIcon Available People can call you and send you an IM. If no custom status note is specified, Ubity UC Mobile automatically switches “Available” to “On the phone” when you make or receive calls.
AwayIcon Away People can call you and send you an IM.
BusyIcon Busy People can call you and send you an IM.
NotAvailableForCallsIcon Do not disturb No one can call you; the call fails and your call history shows a missed call. Your buddies can send you IM; an alert comes up on the Messages/IM tab.
OnThePhoneIcon On the phone

When you make or receive phone calls, Ubity UC Mobile automatically updates your status to “On the phone” if your status is “Available” and no custom note is specified. When your call finishes, your status goes back to “Available”.

While you’re on the phone, you can still send and receive IMs.

AppearOfflineIcon Appear offline You can see your buddies’ presence, but your buddies see you as offline. You’ll receive phone calls and IMs if your buddies do contact you; they are unlikely to do so because your buddies can’t tell the difference between “Appear Offline” and you really being offline.