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Ubity Newsletter - June
This month:
New tool
Did you know...
Useful tip
New tool
A brand new tool allows you to see all the phone extensions
of your company in one glance!
Extension Status
View the status of all extensions
Filter, sort or search among the extensions
Initiate a call to an extension in one click
Get familiar with this tool now!
User Guide
Did you know...
Did you know about the benefits of participating
to AQT's Big Bang event for your company?
Free Webinar: Ubity live!
Tune in on Monday, June 10 at 3:00 p.m. (EDT)
to listen in as Ubity and industry colleagues discuss
the benefits of attending the Big Bang event!
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Steve Trinque
Marie-Eve Lemieux
Marketing Vice-President
Camille Beaudoin
Marketing Coordinator
If you work in the technology industry, the Big Bang 2019 is a must!
More than 300 leaders will meet up to stock up on sales and marketing strategies.
Book my spot for the webinar
Note: This webinar will be held in French. Stay tuned for Ubity's recap of the discussion if you want to read the benefits in English!
Useful Tip
Summer vacations are approaching and it's time to think about
updating your phone system!
Summer Exceptions and Closures
As summer is fast approaching, Ubity reminds you to prepare if you wish for your telephone system to be in closed mode during this period.
Configure your own phone system
Configure your phone system by consulting our Guide for planning an exceptional closure according to the message you wish to play:
Regular closed message
Different message for which you have the activation code
Different message for which you don't have a code *
Program a closure
Warning: Before leaving for the holidays, take the time to test and see if the proper message is playing when you dial your company's main number!
* If you need assistance from our customer service to do so, you must send in your request at least 3 business days before your closing date at support@ubity.com so that it can be processed.
Any special configuration requests received less than 3 business days in advance will not be processed, and your system will have to be configured as a regular closure, with no possibility of altering the call processing.
Contact us at the toll-free number 1 877-315-1920
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