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Ubity Newsletter - July
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Did you know...
New tool
Useful tip
Did you know...
Did you know what were the top 3 customer complaints
over the phone?
People still often choose the phone as the fastest, most convenient channel to obtain the service they need.
Yet, customers on the other end of the line have 3 common complaints!
Overcome the Top 3 Customer Complaints Over the Phone
New tool
Live Dashboard
Ubity is introducing a brand new dashboard for your contact center that allows you to monitor your organization's call activities live!
Visualize all the data generated by your call queues and contact center agents
Customize your dashboard to display only the data that is relevant to you
Configure visual alerts to be notified of a problematic call queue or agent status
Discover all the functions of this new tool today!
User Guide
Ubity Contact Center
1 Contact Center Agent
starting at
$ 34,95
per month
Find out more
Useful tip
Have you changed your voicemail password recently?
Default password
When your phone system is implemented, the voicemail boxes associated with your business are configured with a default password.
To protect the confidentiality of your voicemail, it is strongly recommended to change the default password.
For maximum security, change this password regularly!
Change your password
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