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Ubity Newsletter - December
This month:
Did you know...
Useful Tip
Holidays Hours
Customer Tip
Did you know...
Did you know that the workshop given by our Vice-President of Sales Marc Trudel at AQT's Big Bang event last month received the second highest rating of over 30 workshops?
So Ubity has decided to share some of the exclusive
content from the workshop with you!
Workshop: How to Build a Sales Playbook
to Playbooks
Benefits of a Sales
Playbook for a business
Steps to follow to
build your own guide
Specific examples of
content to include
Arm your team with the strategies
to scale up your business!
Useful Tip
Do you feel at the mercy of the weather?
As winter storms approach,
opt for telecommuting!
When your car is buried three feet deep in snow, the obvious choice is to work from home. If you want to provide your team with the right set of tools so that they can enjoy the pleasures of snowy days, switch to IP business telephony, the ally of telecommuting, and be ready for the next storm!
5 tips for successful telecommuting
Work directly on the Cloud
Communicate with your collaboration app
Organize conferences in a few clicks
Rank your priorities
Organize your schedule
Find out more
Horaire des fêtes
The Ubity team will celebrate Christmas next Friday, December 14th!
Therefore, our office will close exceptionally at 3PM.
From December 24th to January 3rd:
Our team will be available to answer your requests from 9AM to 5PM.
December 25th and January 1st:
After hours service will be available for emergencies only.
We will be back to regular business hours (8AM to 6PM) on January 7th, 2019.
Customer Tip
As the Holiday Season is approaching,
don't forget to update your phone system!
Holiday Exceptions and Closures
With Christmas fast approaching, Ubity wants to remind you to prepare your phone system if you want your offices to be in closed mode during this period.
Configure your own phone system
Configure your phone system by consulting our Guide for planning an exceptional closure if you want to:
Use your regular closed message
Use a different message when you already have its activation code
Use a different message when you do not have an activation code *
Program a closure
Warning: Before leaving for the holidays, take the time to test and see if the proper message is playing when you dial your company's main number!
* If you need assistance from our customer service to do so, you must send in your requests before Thursday December 20th at support@ubity.com so that they can be processed.
Any special configuration requests received after this date will not be processed, and your system will have to be configured as a regular closure, with no possibility of altering the call processing.
Contact us at the toll-free number 1 877-315-1920
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