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Ubity Newsletter - August
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Did you know...
New feature
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Did you know...
Did you know that telephones, as would any equipment,
have a support life?
Some communications equipment will no longer be supported as of December 31st, 2019!
"Will my phone stop working after this date?"
Not at all! This simply means these equipments will no longer be supported when they require a change or a maintenance.
The owners of equipment approaching end-of-support date will benefit from up to 35% off the Ubity price of replacement models until October 31, 2019!
Do you have any end-of-support equipment?
New feature
You can now download a variety of data related to your business information and call activities in .csv format!
Data export to CSV
From the management portal, Studio, you can export the data generated by the following tools:
Account contacts
911 addresses
Managing phone extensions
Managing ATAs
Call groups
Address books
Star services
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Big Bang 2019
Dani Gagnon
Alexis Robin
John Jantsch
Jean-François Côté
Hurry while early-bird rates are still in effect!
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Useful tip
Ubity produced a series of video clips to facilitate the administration of the most popular tools of its management portal!
Video tutorials
Watch these videos to master Studio!
Case study
Did you know you could get closer to your customers
with cloud-based telephony?
One of Ubity's very first customers accomplished
just that over the years with these key features:
Contact Center
The live dashboard and its generated data ensure customers are promptly responded to
Number Availability
Local numbers emulate proximity regardless of the different geographical locations
Call Recording
Listening to calls in real time or offline allows for improved customer experience
 Being close to our customers through telephony 
Do as Reno-Assistance — Get closer to your customers!
Case Study
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